Karen S. Bennett


The Fur Flies

by Karen S. BennettPublished in Writers and WordsVol. 3, Ed. 1March 2018 I swung my plaid, wool coat with patch pockets to the coat tree inside my New England bricked, front entrance. I called over my shoulder, “Throw your coats on the bench or use the coat tree by the door. I have to kick-up …

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The Value of Pi

by Karen S. BennettPen in Hand Literary JournalJuly 2018 Our seventh grade math teacher turned her back to the class and wrote on the board in caps, THE VALUE OF PI.  My head snapped up. She had my full attention. She turned to us and mumbled something about “three-point-one-four.” What the hell? Pie? Plus, she …

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Our Lady of the Snows

by Karen S. BennettGunpowder Review 2009 Toting a, just barely, portable new TV set, I stepped off the city bus into five inches of snow, which had refrozen into uneven boot trenches. To keep my center of balance, I clutched the parcel close to my chest and trudged victoriously homeward. The kids were tolerating a …

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The Monument

by Karen S. BennettScribble MagazineVolume 7, Issue 3Maryland Writer’s Association 2009 – Short Works Contest “Come along, Grandmama,” the boy called. “I have your rope and your stick. Are you sure you want to go all the way to the village to see the new thing?” “Yes, of course. When did we ever see such …

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Trampoline Champ

Trampoline Champ by Karen S. BennettCharles Co Arts Alliance NewsletterApril 2020 Darling, lithesome Tiffany must be in her mid-fifties by now.  I’ll bet she’s still the prettiest among her contemporaries.  She’d be surprised to know how she impacted on my life although we were never introduced. We encountered each other in an unlikely face-off in …

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The Bull Ride

The Bull Ride Flash Fictionby Karen S. Bennett Harley wiped the back of his hand across his beery lips and screeched his bar stool back. “Okay, Charlie, and you too, Bobby, I’ll do it. Put y’all’s money right there in the middle of the table, ‘cause I’m gonna collect from you sorry sons o’ guns. …

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