Karen S. Bennett

Month: May 2021

A Working Girl

                  A WORKING GIRL in 1983by Karen S. Bennett Where to begin? We were asked if we would agree to being gynecology models for the students of Morehouse Medical students, both men and women, who were in their gynecology rotation. We were seven women, Family Nurse Practitioner students at Emory University, in Atlanta with coaching …

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Trampoline Champ

Trampoline Champ by Karen S. BennettCharles Co Arts Alliance NewsletterApril 2020 Darling, lithesome Tiffany must be in her mid-fifties by now.  I’ll bet she’s still the prettiest among her contemporaries.  She’d be surprised to know how she impacted on my life although we were never introduced. We encountered each other in an unlikely face-off in …

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The Bull Ride

The Bull Ride Flash Fictionby Karen S. Bennett Harley wiped the back of his hand across his beery lips and screeched his bar stool back. “Okay, Charlie, and you too, Bobby, I’ll do it. Put y’all’s money right there in the middle of the table, ‘cause I’m gonna collect from you sorry sons o’ guns. …

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